Transform discussions into results with Microsoft Teams and Wrike

If your team communication lacks organization – topics are overlooked, action items are unclear, and discussions go nowhere, it’s time to take your conversations on Teams to the next level. Wrike’s powerful work management helps you effortlessly manage multiple projects and become 50% more productive – all within Teams.

Discover the combined power of Wrike and Teams

Wrike for Professional Services is 

a game-changing work management platform that optimizes collaboration, maximizes utilization, delights clients, and increases profit margins.

Collaborate from anywhere

Avoid burnout and increase on-time delivery

Set realistic timelines and balance workloads with the ability to see and distribute tasks all in the one place with Wrike. Maintain balance and divide work more fairly among team members, avoiding burnout and increasing 
on-time delivery for every goal you set.

Step: 1

First, start your free Wrike trial using the box below.

Step: 2

Within the Teams app, click “Apps” and select Wrike.

Step: 3

Follow the instructions to connect to your Wrike account.

Step: 4

Click install, then add any project as a tab in your channels – you’ll be able to see them as they appear in Wrike.

Stop wasting time jumping between tools. Share important links and files instantly with your team. Create project tabs, see task lists and update assignees, statuses and due dates instantly with Wrike – your new hub for full project visibility.


Supercharge your productivity with powerful task management (without leaving Teams)

Get real-time workload visibility and keep all action items, deliverables, and conversations in 
a single place that can be customized to suit your team’s exact needs. The best part? You never have to leave the Teams interface to use Wrike’s trusted task management features.

Marketing Specialist, West Music Company

"I am constantly searching for ways to make processes more streamlined and efficient, and I found it – Wrike’s integration with Microsoft Teams! We utilized the Teams feed for conversations, and the Wrike tab in Teams for our top tasks and updates. It really helps me keep a running weekly activity log for the team that is clear and centralized."

Companies’ challenges are always changing and it’s vital to have the tools you need to scale up and stay flexible. Wrike comes trusted by 20,000 companies across 140 countries.

Wrike gives you the tools you need to weather any storm

Find all the details you need instantly

Don’t waste time taking screenshots or finding links – search, share, and preview tasks with team members without leaving the conversation using Wrike’s integration. This means your team can start working on these tasks right away, with all the details they need.

Catch project delays before they happen

Want to check project statuses or potential bottlenecks? Automatically generate Gantt charts in seconds with Wrike. You’ll be able to visualize project schedules and plan with precision without leaving Teams by just switching views.

Spend less time chasing for updates

Don’t lose time to catching up on direction changes, missing a completed task, or adjusting to new deadlines – get instant notifications without leaving Microsoft Teams with Wrike. Keep your team informed with task updates delivered automatically to Teams chats or Office 365 Groups.

How to get the Wrike for Microsoft Teams 

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