Try Wrike’s accurate and easy-to-use time tracker

Make Wrike your all-in-one work management and time tracking solution.

Go Beyond Basic Time Tracking Software

Better insights, improved resource planning, and efficient client billing with Wrike’s Time Tracking feature.

Manage employee timesheets

Collaborating with freelancers, contractors, and hourly employees is simple. View their billable work through Wrike’s Timelog view.

Measure task duration

Task duration is an important metric, especially when planning resources. Gain visibility into workflows and identify bottlenecks and time-wasting inefficiencies.

Distraction-free tracking with pinned timer

As your task timer runs, it’s pinned to the top of your Wrike workspace. This means you can track, pause, and resume tracking as needed.

With our time tracker, customers report better insights and more accurate billing

Flexible and reliable time tracking starts with Wrike

Fully integrated time tracking

No spreadsheets to upload, no external time tracking software to configure. Cut down on productivity-killing software sprawl with a built-in time tracking solution

Precise client billing

Easily invoice clients using accurate Timelogs. Account for all your billable work with easy-to-use, built-in time tracking.

Accurate project planning

Track task and project duration from start to finish and plan future assignments with detailed insights.

Streamlined billing and reliable project visibility

Track task duration and manage timesheets

Track billable hours

Up to 15% of eligible work is not billed to clients. Make sure that’s not you. Track billable hours and ensure your business gets paid for all the work it does.

Lock timesheets

Never worry about the accuracy of your Timelogs. Timesheet entries can be locked so details are always accurate whether they’re used for payroll, billing, or general admin.

Create reports

Filter the Timelog entries based on user or time period and create shareable reports.

Most of what we do is fixed rate. Wrike’s Time Tracking feature has given us really good tracking and historical information on what we've done in the past and how to price properly.