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Unlock real-time analytics and automatic reports for more informed decision-making. Get a detailed overview of productivity at an individual, team, and department level instantly, and schedule and share customized reports with teams, executives or clients.

Here’s what our trusted reporting templates gives you:

Make the most of your resources

Wrike offers easy-to-use resource management that helps to maximize your teams’ time and project budget. Switch quickly to Workload view to assign tasks to those who have the capacity, or to reassign as needed. Use simple time tracking to see exactly where time is being spent.

Gain big-picture visibility

Boost your margins and optimize your portfolio in real-time with easy-to-understand, detailed analysis. See quickly which projects might be in trouble, and which are likely to bring in the most revenue. Supply your PMO with the details they need to make decisions with confidence.

Projects that took 9 months to complete now take 16 weeks. Today, we can manage 250% more projects, which means more customer satisfaction.


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It took us from no visibility and educated guesswork to a clear picture of each staff person's workload and capacity during the busy season.

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I can't live without reporting. I can pull a report and within minutes I can pivot it any way I want to without exporting it to Excel.

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