One-click Gantt charts

When your teams are working remotely from home, establishing crystal-clear deliverables is essential. Wrike’s remote project management features Gantt charts that can be built automatically from your existing tasks in just one click.

Add task dependencies or use the simple drag-and-drop when dates change. Use remote collaboration software to keep projects on budget and on time.

Custom workflows

Create seamless remote team management with custom workflows that share progress at every stage. Enable every team to create their own specific processes, using these remote working tools to replace email, meetings, and status check-ins.

Select exactly what you’d like to happen automatically as a task updates – notify stakeholders, tag relevant managers for approval, and more.

1. Eliminate silos, organization-wide

Give your teams the remote collaboration software they need

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Personalized dashboards

Wrike’s remote team management enables you to build multiple dashboards to track specific projects, teams, and pin important to-dos. Switch quickly between your personal dashboard and various team dashboards to balance workloads and priorities.

This feature of Wrike’s remote project management can be shared with both clients and management for full progress visibility.

Easy-to-use proofing

Accelerate your teams’ sign-off of digital files. Wrike’s remote collaboration tools feature both a live editor and visual proofing that integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Streamline with automated approvals. This feature of Wrike’s remote project management automatically tags approvers with the specific files, due dates, and enables them to share feedback and give a decision.

Automated reporting

Visualize the metrics of your remote team management with Wrike’s easy-to-use report builder which pulls real-time insights. Choose from a variety of visualizations and quickly add the exact data you need for clients or management.

Track project progress, utilize remote employee time tracking, and see exactly where your resources are going while working remotely.

2. Map out your milestones

3. See progress across departments

4. Optimize your sign-off process

5. Record your results

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