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Provide full visibility of edits to each stakeholder – preventing endless rounds of changes.

Rather than writing a detailed list in a comment or an email where I have to script through the different time lengths, it's able to help me click on the comment and know exactly what the viewer was referring to.

Paul De Leon

San Francisco Chronicle

Being able to keep the conversation all in one place ensures that all necessary elements are there, and we've noticed that the speed at which we can get things back to the client has vastly improved with Wrike.

Kate Doyle


Proofing in Wrike makes my life a lot easier because we can just edit and approve everything all in one fell swoop. Now I can use the text edit, the comments feature, and we can track the changes a lot more efficiently.

Kellee Vopelak

Exploding Kittens

Shorten and simplify your review cycle

Don’t lose time finding feedback in long email exchanges – consolidate everything in one loop.

Pinpoint the exact location of changes

Click anywhere on an asset and easily mark exactly where the suggested edit is on images, videos, or documents – avoiding any possible confusion.

Keep creative teams using the tools they love

The last thing you need is another tool you can’t integrate with the programs you use daily. Easily access Wrike without even leaving Adobe Creative Cloud.

Resolve or comment on suggested changes

Want to discuss proposed edits? Start a discussion on any suggested edit to keep everyone in the loop and collaborating to find the best solution.

Instantly assign edits to the right people

Want to ensure tasks get started on or approved ASAP? Just @mention whoever you need – they’ll automatically be notified of your comment and the context.

Visualize your project planning, instantly

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