• Assign work

Simplify detailed project planning with auto-generated forms that help create and assign tasks.

• View the big picture

Create one-click Gantt charts and Kanban boards so you can visualize your team’s progress and prevent delays.

• Manage resources

Balance your team members’ workloads to better see who has the capacity for additional projects and tasks.


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Project Management Made Simple

Enhanced security

Protect your company with multi-layer security, including role-based access and encryption key ownership.

Unparalleled support

Prevent delays by availing of award-winning 24/7 customer support, available via phone, email, and chat.

400+ app integrations

Connect hundreds of apps and business tools that will turn Wrike into a project management control center.

Wrike means I can actually manage and contain all of the noise as well as isolate time each day to just doing tasks that are really important and urgent.

What else can I expect with Wrike?


• Enhance remote work

Collaborate easily between teams and time zones using Wrike for project management software.

• Share updates as you go

Prevent details from getting lost in the project management shuffle with customized workflows.

• Eliminate pain points

Prevent bottlenecks with 360-degree visibility of each project allowing you to assess budget and timeline.


• Share progress

Customize workflows for project stages, and share them with team members for full management visibility.

• Update instantly

Use the @mention feature to leave comments, suggestions or questions on documents, project timelines or tasks.

• Streamline feedback

Clarify suggestions with built-in proofing, and track feedback to ensure no deadlines get missed.

Agile project management software to supercharge your team’s success

User Reviews

Excellent, easy-to-use tool

This has been a fantastic addition and integral to our success. Without Wrike, we would not be able to plan everything. Other software was very difficult to use for non-project staff; this was critical. Wrike had a very usable interface that non-PM users could interact with.

Mike H.

CIO, Education Management

A comprehensive PM tool

With Wrike, we were able to manage 250+ employees from a single application and track everything including project schedules, working hours, ongoing tasks with detailed reports, and analytics with visualizations and workflows. Wrike has been a great asset for team collaboration.

Sanskriti G.

Senior Software Engineer, Information Technology and Services

PM software that is always innovating

Overall Wrike has made us much more organized as a company. Those of us who are process-oriented and organized love Wrike. We're so invested in the platform at this point that I don't think we could ever switch to another software! Wrike is very flexible in how you use it.

Nathan W.

Web Lead, Marketing and Advertising


65% agree their overall productivity has improved

53% feel meetings are more actionable

47% spend less time in email

74% agree their overall visibility has improved

66% feel they have better insight into what their team is doing

58% are no longer missing information