The Top 7
Productivity Roadblocks

That Crush Designers' Creativity

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Creativity Roadblock 1: Overwhelmed by demands & requests

A study by iStockPhoto found that 60% of creatives had “great ideas” in the past year, but simply had no time to work on them. It’s a fact of life: everyone in creative services, designers included, feels overwhelmed by the sheer number of demands on their time. Jobs pile up, each with a deadline that screams “ASAP!” If business is good, the flood is constant and it’s a great problem to have. But drowning in to-do items means jobs have to be processed as quickly as possible, which often means your designs aren’t as polished as you’d like.

Some practical solutions:

Requests, planning, tracking, reporting — everything should be streamlined and straightforward. Give your teammates an easy tool for submitting new work requests, so that even the summer intern knows how to initiate new projects, and no one can submit a vague request that requires you to chase them down for clarification or redo completed work. Use Google Forms, Wufoo, Wrike, etc.

Organize your menus and palettes logically. Use master documents, templates, and styles (paragraph, object, character) for frequent jobs so you don’t have to recreate them with every file.

Use batch processing for similar outputs. This involves a little more preparation, but once you’ve set things up efficiently and learned how to use this workflow, you’ll benefit greatly from executing at a higher speed.

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Samuel Miller
Creative Director & Founder of ONLYCH1LD

If you can find a tool that allows you to focus on your work and your relationship rather than the technology itself, it's really helpful and for us, Wrike does that.

When your livelihood depends on your ability to churn out creative designs everyday, it's imperative that you stay productive. Complaining about too much work or vague requests won’t help your paycheck, so perfect your process to have more time for perfecting your creative designs.

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