Announcing Wrike's New Solution for Marketing Teams

Wrike for Marketers supports your entire end-to-end workflow and gives you the freedom to focus on your creative journey while we take care of the administrative necessities.

Request & Intake

Plan, Resource, & Schedule

Execute, Review 
& Approve

Launch & Publish, Report 

A simple way to plan and organize intakes and requests

Don't waste time trying to keep track of all the demands on your team, which often come from multiple directions and in different forms. Wrike enables you to centralize requests and easily prioritize marketing initiatives, allowing your team to become more productive and efficient.

Clarity and visibility to successfully plan, resource, and schedule programs

Wrike removes the issues caused by planning and executing in silos as well as delays caused by uncertain dependencies and priorities. Real-time insight into workload and status ensures you have the right information at the right time to avoid unnecessary delays.

Manage multi-channel campaigns, events and launches all in one place

Teams spend countless hours hunting for the right information or wasting time in lengthy meetings just to know what is going on and get context for their work. Wrike consolidates all the elements of your campaigns and events including images, videos, files, feedback and discussions so you can review work with accurate context and streamline approvals.

Showcase your progress and accomplishments with real-time data from Dashboards and Reports

Managing stakeholder expectations and regular updates on status, team performance, and timelines creates greater trust and collaboration while ensuring your team is focused on the right priorities. Accurately track marketing initiatives and uncover breakdowns in workflow to maximize the success of your marketing campaigns.

Brian Lam

“Wrike helps us prioritize what's important and helps de-prioritize things that can be shelved for a later time when we have time to do it. With Wrike, we have a central location for the stakeholders and all the content creators to communicate; work out the timeline, content, design, or copy issues together.”

Need to Accomplish More in Less Time With Fewer Resources?

Outperforming your competitors requires the right process so you have more time to innovate. This is how Wrike helps marketers.

High-performance marketing teams run on Wrike

$9,8 user/month, billed annually. Free plan available.