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Wrike simplifies your marketing requests, approvals, and reporting processes so you can spend more time focusing on getting your creative concepts and execution exactly right.

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Streamline requests

Marketing teams often get overwhelmed with multiple requests and details quickly get lost. The average marketer spends 3.5 hours a week sending emails – Wrike can reduce this by 90%. Wrike centralizes requests, automatically prioritizing them and assigning them to teams.

Visualize deadlines

The average marketer spends 16 hours a week on routine tasks such as checking up on deliverables – Wrike can save you up to 900 hours a year. Get real-time insight into workloads and progress, avoid bottlenecks and burnout, and increase on-time delivery by up to 50%.

Sync schedules

Often find clashes in your marketing calendars? Considering that the average marketer spends 3.5 hours a week analyzing data, there is no time to be out of sync with your teammates. Unlike traditional calendars, Wrike Calendars are connected to underlying projects and tasks. Wrike Calendars always reflect the most up-to-date plans and schedules.

Accelerate approvals

Feedback loops can be one of the biggest time-consuming tasks for any marketing team trying to get campaigns over the line. Use built-in proofing tools to share, review, and approve files with both internal and external stakeholders. Create in-context feedback and keep all communication and decisions on-record.

By having that kind of visibility and transparency from the bottom up, we can make better decisions. We can say, this is taking too long, or we have too many reviews in process and we need to be more efficient, and see the quality across the board.
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Take control of your data insights with Wrike’s first-of-its-kind performance aggregator across 50 tools. Turn data into optimization. 
Wrike delivers real-time data across advertising, marketing, and social media, gathered in one simple interface.

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Wrike’s game-changing software delivers instant insights into your digital marketing performance across more than 50 channels with a few clicks, right where work happens. No BI tools or spreadsheets needed.

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