Step 2: Assign tasks to team members

Now that you have your to-do list template, you can decide on assignees. Add team members manually or try custom request forms to auto-assign tasks and send them directly to a team’s work queue.

Step 1: Create a task list

Get started with Wrike’s Kanban project template. Break projects down into small, actionable tasks and add descriptions. Use the Kanban board view to sort tasks by status, from Requested to Completed.

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Step 3: Customize team workflows

Take your Agile board one step further with powerful customization. Create custom workflows with statuses that suit your team’s processes, boosting collaboration and productivity. Work your way with Wrike.

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Get cross-project visibility

Save time switching between platforms — view multiple projects and team workloads on one Kanban board.

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Are your project deliverables overdue? Spot issues early and course-correct by prioritizing important tasks.

Eliminate email check-ins

No more asking for email updates — view comments and task status, all on your project planning board.

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Use Wrike’s Kanban board software like an interactive online whiteboard — simply drag and drop project cards to update their status. Try it for yourself.