• Organize to-dos

Outline all IT project tasks and allocate responsibilities to team members. 

• Align workloads

Use workload view to spot uneven task distribution. Reassign tasks as necessary.

• Automate tasks

Save time and reduce admin with custom forms that auto-assign duties to people.


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Turbocharge Your IT Project Management

Multilayer security

Get enterprise-level security, with role-based access, robust authentication, and encryption key ownership.

Always-on support

Get reassurance with 24/7 customer support from Wrike. Pick up the phone, send an email, or start an online chat.

Seamless integration

Connect to 400+ apps, all from one platform. Make integrations work for you and your team.

An early win with Wrike was a very large deployment of a new service. The project had 380+ tasks in a giant list and that was our project plan. There were due dates, but that was it. With Wrike, we were able to break the project up and build structure with deliverables, dependencies, time frames, resource requirements, and more.

What else can I expect with Wrike?


• Eliminate silos

Update task status using Kanban boards — move ‘to-dos’ to ‘doing’ to ‘done’.

• Track progress

Use Gantt charts to monitor IT project activity and identify potential roadblocks. 

• Share updates

Use custom workflows to regularly update stakeholders — keep everyone in the loop. 


• Build boards

Use pre-built templates to make analytics boards for IT project management data.

• Showcase success

Highlight important figures with easy-to-view graphs, charts, tables, and maps.

• Create reports

Track project performance with detailed reports that can be shared in real-time.

Make sure your IT teams have all they need to succeed.