Field Service Management

Tracking your work in the field? We make on-the-go easy.
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Wrike is built by organization enthusiasts

Integrated system, with free mobile apps & visual reporting


Plan & track



1. Formalize Requests

E-requests: Wrike's public request forms enable you to use customizable forms on your website.
Submit requests and automatically create tasks which will show up in dashboards and reports.

2. Plan & Track Your Work

Use Wrike folders system to organize the work: by region, by type of work or by responsible manager. Set up custom statuses & view the task lists in the visual dashboard, so you get insight what’s going on in 1 click.

3. Execute the work:

Field workers do not have to come to office or have calls to get requests.
They just come into corresponding dashboard  (for example “Uptown area”) from their smartphone, take the task they are going to work on, change the status: “In work” & execute.

Time tracking, file management - all in 1 place

Task view is something, where ALL the information about the particular issue can be gathered together.
The worker sees all the details from the request, turn on the built-in time tracker when he starts & attach any files & photos from the client, if needed.
When finished, he pauses the tracker & changes the status - managers will see it on the dashboard.

4. Report

Our brilliant tool: as no more paper work is needed. You can build report on each level of folders, by statuses, by workers, by regions, by managers, by EVERYTHING. By “build” we mean create once & they will AUTOMATICALLY be updated & even can send you scheduled notifications: like “take a look at your daily report”

What’s more?

Instructions & Onboarding

Keep all the materials in one place, organize them in folders. Give permamanent access to the team. Nothing will be ever lost now.

Stock management

Use request forms for buying materials, uniform or anything else & track the maintenance by the same visual dashboards.


@mention anyone from the team just in the task if you need any help or clarifying. Use powerful email integration of needed to create tasks just from email.

Mobile apps

Perfect for the field workers. Same functionality as the web-version, but even more visual & user-friendly.

Surveyors use Wrike's time tracking, file storage and revision tracking. PSG saves their clients time and money through higher efficiency and better documentation: “Many more tasks are getting done per day; a 2x increase. This gives us a huge advantage when competing with other businesses,"
Adam Linstrom
Survey Manager

Improve operational efficiency with Wrike

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How is field service management without Wrike?

Spoiler: long, painful, results in low customer satisfaction.

  • Client calls the office with an issue
  • Admins record information on spreadsheets, journals and emails
  • Workers are coming to the office to take requests
  • When the task is finished, start a new one.

Summary: time consuming, unreportable, hard to track time - CHAOTIC.