Top Benefits of Wrike,

According to Survey Respondents


are able to better prioritize work

improved their overall visibility


are happy with the way their team manages work


have better insights into their team's performance


improved their overall productivity


Over 80% of Wrike users feel confident in recommending the solution to other teams!

Based on 1,784 responses (Q4 2016), +/- 2% Margin of Error

Top Benefits of Wrike, According to Survey Respondents

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7 out of 10 Wrike users experience a positive ROI within the first 30 days

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Flexibility in handling multiple projects

With Wrike, you’ll feel comfortable in managing multiple projects at once, as you can duplicate projects, add multiple sub-projects, move a task between projects, place one task in several projects, sort tasks by priority and overall organize your tasks in the way that works for you.

Visual team and project reporting

With Wrike, your teammates know what to do, how their work connects to others, and can collaborate on projects in real time. One can easily submit and prioritize work requests and get a clear view of personal priorities. Interactive tools for collaboration, project planning, workload optimization, and progress tracking help your team get more done faster.

Enhanced productivity is the goal

Wrike helps your team focus on getting things done. It lets you keep important details at your fingertips while having the big picture anytime you need it. Delegate tasks, discuss issues, track time, optimize schedules, visualize your plans on a Gantt chart, and do much more – all inside one workspace!

Smooth collaboration

With Wrike, there is no need to switch between tools, folders, and browser windows. Whether you’re working on your personal to-do list or a high-impact team project, our advanced task manager gives you a full feature set for managing your work all in one place.

Real-time visibility into everything your team is working on

Wrike has one place to display the information you need across all your projects: all discussions are united with task details, minimizing potential miscommunication, data loss, and uninformed decisions. Moreover, Wrike allows your team to access their tasks wherever they are, track all the updates in real time, and discuss issues online.

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