Analyze Results

Easily edit or build a report from scratch using Wrike’s easy-to-use report wizard. 

Share real-time, interactive reports and schedule notifications for report updates or reviews on a regular basis. 

Build a Report with one click

Glance results and share them with your team. 

Build a path

Create Custom Workflows to keep your team on the same page. 

Easy to implement and simple to use.

Use Custom Workflows

Streamline your process and gain visibility at every stage.

Set Timeline

View your project schedule and set dependencies in real time using drag and drop.

Easily adjustable to keep everyone on track and on time.

Use Interactive Timeline

Keep tabs on your project in real time.

Prioritize and Visualize

Consolidate to-dos from all of your projects as well as tasks that aren’t part of a project. Easily manage your daily work by dragging tasks to "New", "In Progress", "Completed".

P.S. Customize dashboards so you only see what you want to see.

Pin important to‑dos to Dashboards!

Keep your priorities straight and your goals in sight.

Check the Outcome

Mark image to add comments, eliminate miscommunications, needless revisions, and delays. Receive timely approvals and keep a clear system of record. 

Works with documents and videos as well.

With our collaborative proofing & approval tool 

Review and approve digital documents quickly and easily.

Managing multiple projects shouldn't be a struggle

Whatever falls in the middle, make sure you aren't missing one of these building blocks.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 4

Step 3

Step 5

Make the results be visible at a glance for everyone interested

Analyze Results

Make sure you do not spread attention to what's not needed

Prioritize and Visualize

Review and approve digital documents easy, and fast

Check the Outcome

Make sure you do not spread attention to what's not needed

Prioritize and Visualize

And it will reflect how you move on with your project in real time

Set timeline

That fits the way your Team works

Build a path

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