• Ready-built templates and organization

Provide structure to your sprints with a quick folder organization. Use templates to automatically organize tasks and keep priorities clear.

• Flexible workflow visualizations

Create Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or timelines to visualize deadlines and prevent delays. Share these with clients for full transparency.

• Request forms with auto-assignment

Prioritizing requests is essential for Agile. Wrike’s forms gather all details and auto-assign tasks. No more searching in long email threads.


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• Personalized dashboards

Agile teams need to be able to focus. Customize your dashboard to pin important to-dos, follow tasks, and choose what you want to see. Configurable, shareable workflows

• Configurable, shareable workflows

Create customized workflows and share them externally so stakeholders can check the status in real-time. Spend less time sending emails.

• 400+ app integrations

Connect instantly to the apps you use every day with Wrike’s 400+ integrations, meaning there’s no need to transfer details manually.


• Automated performance and resource reports

Simplify iterations with Wrike’s easy-to-use reporting. Increase on-time delivery by assigning work to those who have the capacity.

• Visual proofing tools

Clarify feedback with built-in proofing tools that keep an organized record of all feedback. Share, edit, review, and approve files within Wrike

• Enterprise-level security

When you’re Agile, it’s essential to have the security you need. Wrike offers role-based access, single sign-on, and ownership of encryption keys.

Adapt to Agile with Powerful Project Management

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Wrike empowers the entire organization to become truly Agile because we’re able to create project plans, document tasks, and show the relationship between estimated versus actual effort.

Shaun Carlson,
Director of R&D and Continuous Innovation


The prioritization functionality is absolutely core to the way we work because everything is done in two-week sprints. The prioritization allows us to work very openly with a client about what they want to do first.

Fergus Adam,
Managing Partner


You almost can’t run a project anymore without something like Wrike. You have to be so fluid and adaptable to meet the expectations of today’s market, investors, and employees.

Curtis Ray,
VP of Engineering


20,000+ leading companies choose Wrike to plan their projects

Accelerate your projects with Agile

Our range of Agile templates are designed to set you up for success. Utilize our Agile teamwork template for enhanced collaboration. Set up better sprints and retrospectives with our sprint planning and sprint retrospective templates.


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