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Wrike’s powerful work management is perfect for:
  • Managing teams of more than one person
  • Providing regular status updates and reports
  • Managing multiple projects at once

Excel wasn’t built for project management – without features like auto-updates, it can become time-consuming to input and track data each week.

Accelerate approvals

Add feedback directly to digital assets. Monitor all edits in one place and fast-track the approval process.

Track billable hours

Use task timers and timesheets to log hours. Create reports to simplify client billing and payroll for freelance employees.

Get workload visibility

Monitor project status in Kanban boards. View your marketing teams’ workload and reassign tasks if necessary.

Boost portfolio profitability

Manage your creative project portfolios with real-time data. Use these insights to prioritize the right investments.

Centralize projects with all-in-one agency software

Customize your workflows

Build unique workflows for your creative teams. Explore custom task statuses for different departments — for example, Design could seek feedback on an image by assigning an “Internal Review” status, while Marketing’s equivalent could be a copy draft filed under “Proofing”.

Manage creative tasks

Simplify your digital agency project management by keeping all your files in one place. Create spaces, folders, and projects to organize your tasks. Assign team members, create subtasks, and edit descriptions in real-time.

Improve client communication

Design shared Kanban boards for your teams to track project status at a glance: from “to-do” to “doing” to “done”. Get a bird’s-eye view of all creative projects and share updates with clients to keep them in the loop.

Build campaign templates

Want to create an advertising campaign but don’t know where to start? Wrike has the best software for marketing agencies, including easy-to-use project templates. Choose your template, create tasks, and add due dates — your campaign will be up and running in no time.

Create interactive timelines

A Gantt chart is one of the most useful agency project management tools. With Wrike’s easy-to-configure software, you can build your own Gantt charts in seconds to visualize your project schedule. Spot roadblocks and adjust deadlines easily to ensure you deliver on time.

Automate your requests

Create custom request forms to ensure teams get all the important information they need in one place. These forms auto-assign tasks to the right teams so you can kickstart your creative projects in seconds.

Get real-time insights

Monitor your campaign performance with data-driven insights. With Wrike for Marketers Performance, you can import data from more than 50 tools across digital marketing, advertising, and social media. Use these insights to supercharge your campaigns in real-time.

Streamline agency project management with integrations
  • Wrike for Gmail and Outlook
  • Slack
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • QuickBooks
  • iOS and Android mobile app

For enterprise teams, security and stakeholder engagement is key. Keep clients in the loop, safely store documents, and efficiently allocate staff and other resources.

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“Wrike was the perfect choice to suit our new Agile methodology. Its flexible and open platform allowed us to create a bespoke solution that we were able to easily tailor to our needs — supporting reviews, collaboration, asset depository, and increasing efficiency.”

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