It’s easy to analyze how successful your project has been with Wrike Reports. Quickly gather and synthesize all the data you need from your projects and share them with all your stakeholders. Each time you open or refresh your Report, Wrike will automatically update to include the most up-to-date information. Build Wrike Reports at any stage during your work timeline.  

Analyze results 

With Wrike, there’s no need to use clunky tools, tons of folders, and reams of browser windows to get projects started correctly. 
Simply create online Projects and Tasks with just a few clicks. 
It’s easy to share them with colleagues and automatically notify the team and stakeholders of ongoing work. 
We’ve got tons of templates to help you get large projects off the ground fast. Wrike Projects and Tasks are the building blocks that transform how you manage work. 

Get started fast

With Projects and Tasks, you can set schedules, attach files, discuss details, and track work progress – from absolutely anywhere. 
Don’t get tied down by your desktop or to outdated spreadsheet and email methodologies. 
With Wrike, you can reset deadlines, change statuses, assign to additional colleagues, and even @mention project partners in real time for instant results. 

Manage projects from anywhere

Wrike Calendars are a unifying, real-time window across your projects. They help you visualize, plan, and schedule roll-outs, whether you're planning marketing campaigns and events or launching new products. 
It’s easy to strategize and build roadmaps when you have up-to-date information you can access, edit, and share from anywhere. 

Easily schedule roll-outs  

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Wrike’s online Gantt charts completely revolutionize how you oversee projects. With our dynamic timeline you get a bird’s eye view of how your project is progressing and a complete view of work scope and dependencies. Intelligent critical path analysis helps you spot potential bottlenecks that can cause operational inefficiencies. 
You can easily update project timelines with a simple drag-and-drop action and collaborate among teams in real-time. 

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